Rose Bay Boats

Rose Bay Boats is a family-run company based in North Carolina building better boats for fisherman, guides, and families. From their family’s passion for the water, they work to create a comfortable and attractive boat used for fishing and relaxing on coastal waters.


We knew that we needed to intimately get to know the founders and owners of this business to be able to create a meaningful brand to help them find their own space in the industry.

We traveled to North Carolina to lead an on-site discovery workshop with exercises addressing character, aesthetic, audience, language, and more. We ended up meeting with the entire family and heard more about their family’s heritage of boating.

These conversations completely reshaped how we decided to approach the external brand for the business. We created a sophisticated and elegant brand that would showcase the prestige of their boats and set itself apart from the often cheesy and typical imagery and color palette that you see present in the boating industry today. The imagery itself harkens back to an earlier era of boating that was nostalgic for the family.

We also created business cards, letterhead, and social media templates for the team to utilize upon launch.


Rose Bay Boats was a small, new business in need of the basics to kick off their work including a brand. Because this company creates a physical product, we needed to create imagery that would work in the digital space as well as on a boat.

"Harness the power of the sea."
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