Philanthropy Partners

Philanthropy Partners is a new business providing consulting services and professional guidance to support nonprofits, corporations and organizations seeking to create a nonprofit.


We led a series of character and aesthetic exercises with Laura to get to know the purpose and distinct attributes of Philanthropy Partners. After developing a mood board, we crafted her brand and style guidelines.

The Philanthropy Partners brand captures its character – helpful, approachable, trusted – while displaying a unique and calm color palette. It is simple, clean, and professional. It displays impact and progress in a subtle way, symbolizing both stairs to a higher elevation and a growth chart for impact.

This pattern is inspired by terrazzo. Terrazzo is made up of pieces of marble, granite, and stone brought together to create a spectacular flooring. Much like terrazzo, Philanthropy Partners is creating a foundation, or the groundwork, by pulling together separate resources to create something beautiful, meaningful, and impactful.

In addition to the branding, we designed a business card and letterhead, and offered guidance on social media. We also helped design and implement a landing page using Webflow.


After serving as the Executive Director for the United Way of Greater Chattanooga’s Center for Nonprofits, Laura started her own consultancy to support nonprofits. To kick off her efforts, she needed a brand, style guidelines, and some initial assets for her business.

After chatting with Laura, we discovered that she wanted to emphasize the importance of elevating the nonprofits with whom she works and craft a brand that stands out amongst the stark, corporate imagery that we often see with consultancies.

"The end product reflects our vision perfectly - to elevate social impact by providing nonprofits expert knowledge, resources and opportunities for collaboration." – Laura McCann, President, Philanthropy Partners
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