Peace & Hope

Peace & Hope is a digital congregation, thinking of church outside of its four physical walls. It is a new organization created during the COVID-19 pandemic. Peace & Hope provides a Christ-centered digital community where all God’s people are welcomed and affirmed so that they may experience the peace and hope that comes through the Holy Spirit.


We started this process by getting to know Pastor Bryan and his experiences with his in-person congregation. We had conversations to develop a deep understanding of the purpose for this project and goals for the future.

We led character exercises to develop a personality for Peace & Hope, aesthetic exercises to start the process of building a visual identity, and most importantly, audience exercises to understand the vastness of this potential audience and ways to make a website accessible to everyone.

In partnership with Daniela Ray, we developed a variety of logo concepts. After receiving feedback, we moved forward with one direction, finalized the logo, and crafted style guidelines including color palette and typeface.

For the website, we spent time architecting it so it could live as a portal to access Peace & Hope as a digital community. We crafted the website to make it clear to newcomers that this isn’t just an online ministry of a regular church, as well as ensure that it would meet the needs of those already participating in the community.


We were approached by Pastor Bryan, who was aiming to create an inclusive and welcoming online digital congregation for a vast audience of different ages, experiences, and at various points on their own faith journeys. This audience includes those who prefer a virtual church experience, those who don’t resonate with their home church and are looking for a new church home regardless of location, those who move frequently or travel frequently (like digital nomads or military families), and those in nursing homes or retirement communities who may not be very mobile.

We were tasked with creating a brand for this new organization, as well as website that could act as the portal for Peace & Hope's online community and events.

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