Partners for Justice

Partners for Justice trains non-attorney Advocates to provide clients with case navigation and wraparound support, while helping public defenders protect people from incarceration and other criminal penalties.


After connecting with founders, Emily and Rebecca, we knew we wanted to capture the passion and energy behind this project and support their tremendous work.

We led character exercises to develop a personality for PFJ as an organization, audience exercises to understand the variety of audiences who engage with the organization on a regular basis, and aesthetic exercises to start the process of expanding their visual identity.

Through collaboration with Emily and Rebecca, we developed a mood board for inspiration and a sitemap for clarity on information architecture.

We chose to move them from Squarespace to Webflow, allowing them a more robust platform to grow. In addition to designing and building out the pages of the website, we smoothly integrated new donation and analytics tools.

As part of the brand expansion, we crafted a new color palette, selected fonts suited to their work, cleaned up their existing logo, created dynamic creative assets, and developed a digital style guide that they can edit and use now and into the future.


Partners for Justice came to us looking for a new website to convey credibility with all of their external audiences, bring on more public defender partners, encourage young people to apply for the program, and to increase donations.

In addition to a renewed website, they were looking to expand their brand to better fit the purpose and personality of the organization — a remarkable effort that is both bold and steady, dynamic and trusted.

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