Center for Craft

The Center for Craft is a national nonprofit that serves makers, scholars, and the local community who invest in the field of craft.

Craft, in all its forms, demonstrates creativity, ingenuity, and practical intelligence. It contributes to the economic and social wellbeing of communities, connects us to our cultural histories, and is integral to building a sustainable future.


This process began with a deep exploration of the Center for Craft and their existing logo. The Center's team wanted to keep the existing imagery and mark in the logo, but emphasize the organization's longevity and build excitement around this anniversary.

We developed several concepts for this logo, and eventually landed on one that we implemented across the website. We also developed some additional print and digital assets that were used to commemorate their 25th anniversary fundraising event.


In 2021, the Center for Craft is celebrating its 25th anniversary and raising visibility and awareness for the Center’s longevity and stability. Over the course of the year, they are highlighting their impact in the field and increasing the number of donors who support the Center.

Their goal was to adapt the current Center for Craft logo to create awareness of 25th Anniversary and to use that logo on their communications including the website, social media, eNews, stationary, event slides, esignatures, and other online and print materials.

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