All Places Together

All Places Together is a new side project being developed by Pastor Colleen Montgomery of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Wytheville, Virginia. This project concept was developed during the COVID-19 pandemic and is meant to be a fully online Christian connecting people to God in their daily life and empowering them to live out their Christian calling each and every day.


We started this process by getting to know Pastor Colleen. We had conversations to more deeply and authentically get to know her, the purpose for this project, and her goals for the future.

We led character exercises to develop a personality for All Places Together, audience exercises to understand the audience who might engage with this project on a regular basis, and aesthetic exercises to start the process of building a visual identity.

In partnership with Daniela Ray, we developed a variety of logo concepts. After receiving feedback, we moved forward with one direction, finalized the logo, and crafted style guidelines including color palette and typeface.


Pastor Colleen has traveled quite a bit through her adult life, leaving in many different cities and town. All Places Together will share Colleen’s personal journey as she has experienced God in different places where she has lived and traveled, and encourage others to do the same. Regardless of location, online worship is valid and a true way to connect to God. The goal is to build a diverse and inclusive community, “to amplify voices of color and queer voices.”

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